Virtual Reality is Our Reality.

What do you get when you combine state of the art production facilities with top amenities and flawless customer care? StageportKC.


Our stages are perfect for any shoot you may have. Whether you need chromakey green or pristine white, StageportKC can accomodate.


StageportKC is easy to find and reach from any part of the city. Located at 16th and Broadway in Kansas City’s bustling Crossroads area, there is ample private parking behind the building in addition to aon-street parking as well..

StageportKC Pricing Overview

Why StageportKC?

StageportKC was designed from the ground up with one overall goal in mind… to create a studio/stage environment that supports just about any type of production or still shoot.

Whether your project includes aerialists hanging from wires and cavorting in front of a green screen, or a simple product shoot, we have the facilities to meet your needs – and your budget. All About Flexibility.

StageportKC was designed, built and is managed by industry veterans. You know all those  little details that make your production comfortable, efficient and successful?  Those were designed in from the get-go.

(Did we mention the “quiet” air conditioning? How about the 400 amp service?)

Functional Approach.

We didn’t just stop at creating the top studio space in Kansas City – we also decided to throw in over-the-top amenities to make your cast and crew happy campers. From the hair/makeup room, to the kitchen, lounge, conference room and control room – you can easily keep them looking good and in the know.

All amenities are included at no additional charge when you rent our stage. The Focus is on Your Production.